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 Cloth and thread count explained

 Deciding what fabrics is best when it comes to buying a suit is important and complicated. The fact of the matter is, suits symbolism sophistication and offer a chance to showcase personal style. A suit should be chosen not simply for its superior fit or luxurious touch ??? but also for the fabric from which it was crafted.

There are only a handful of fabrics designed for suiting, which makes the decision easier, but certain factors must considered when buying the perfect one.

There is the breathability of the fabric. In summer, the fight is on against the sweaty-back. Then old man winter blows on in and the casual stroll to work turns into a run, brought on by sheer determination to keep warm for the chilling cold. Fabric softness is a second factor. Who wants to be enraged by itchy suit pants? Or feel trapped, tight and unable to move because of an over-starched jacket that is likely to snap if pushed too hard?


 Suit Care

 Everything You Need To Know

 A correctly fitted suit can make any man feel ready to take on the world. There???s no denying that buying a suit can sometimes feel like a minefield of potential faux pas ??? get the fit wrong and it can be completely unflattering, choose the wrong pattern and you might look more Beetlejuice than Bond, accessorise incorrectly and you can look a little bit lost.

Sounds daunting of course but by covering a number of the basics and doing enough research before entering the shop, you???ll ensure that you end up with a suit that really ticks all the boxes. Here at The Idle Man we don???t want you to feel when intimated when buying your perfect suit. So whether you???re looking for a completely new suit or looking to update an exciting one, this guide will tell you everything you need to know to guarantee your suit game is on point.


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 Paul Fashion is one of the tailors in Thailand with their own tailor factory offer custom-tailored suits and shirts. Soon, good suits and shirts became the trademark of the Pauls Fashion. Our experienced and knowledgeable tailors are meticulous in their workmanship and quality control. Paul Fashion carries the finest and most practical fabrics in a wide range of styles and designs for our customers to choose from. Our clothes are the top notch quality with very reasonable prices.

Paul Fashion carries an extensive selection of fabrics in a wide range of styles for clients to choose from.

Our collection includes fabrics such as wool, wool-cashmere, silk, cotton, Egyptian cotton, linen, corduroy, etc, from England, Italy, France, Germany and various parts of the world. By dealing with our highly experienced consultants, you can be assured to receive the very best advice on the fabrics and style for your custom-made suits.

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Our goal is to be the leader in menswear brand and to help you look your best wearing our high quality cloths with a fast turnaround.

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Our exquisite and quality tailoring services for both gents and ladies, alteration services & others services makes us the best choice.

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We carries the finest and most practical fabrics in a wide range of styles and designs for our customers to choose from.

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